Mid Continent Taps ECS for Coal Processing Plant.

Mid Continent, a leading international distributer of coal and coke products, contacted ECS to supply a low NOX combustion system to dry coal in a rotary dryer. The discussions resulted in ECS designing and supplying the complete plant, including the rotary dryer, low NOX combustion system, silos, conveyors, crusher, baghouse, and controls. The dried coal is crushed and stored for delivery to a local steel plant for use in their cupola during the manufacturing of steel.

The coal is dried from 10-2% moisture in a parallel flow rotary dryer. The heat is supplied to the dryer via a Hauck Manufacturing Company “Low NOX Air Heater” that includes flue gas recirculation on the natural gas “Beta” burner. Once the coal is dried it is taken via a hot elevator to a triple deck screen. Oversized material is fed to a hammer mill crusher and returned to the screen. Material passing the screen is conveyed via screw conveyor to a bucket elevator and up to one of the three 150 ton silos. A rotary chute selects the silo for loading. The coal is loaded from the silos into trucks and taken to the steel plant. A 10 x 20’ control house holds the process controls, burner system controls, and the motor control center.

ECS’s engineering group designed the Mid Continent plant from the ground up including sizing the dryer and combustion system, baghouse conveyor, screws, and bins. We provided drawings for approval, foundation drawings and manufacturing drawings, and then manufactured and delivered all of the equipment to the job site. Mid Continent did their own installation with onsite supervision from ECS’s service and project management group.
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