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Eclipse combustion equipment serves many heat applications, ranging from low to high heat demands. Some common applications that utilize Eclipse products are:

  • Heat treating
  • Textiles
  • Powder coating and paint finishing
  • Minerals processing
  • Ceramics
  • Many more

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Air Heating Burners

Eclipse’s air heating style burners are equipped to mount inside a duct or directly to the wall of an oven. These versatile burners can be arranged in an unlimited range of configurations to fit most duct shapes and heating capacities.

Air heating burners (AH, AHMA, Winnox) offer options to have combustion air supplied via integral blower or via the process air that they are heating. These burners also are used in specialty applications which require restriction or monitoring of NOx levels.

Packaged Burners

Eclipse’s packaged burners are engineered to contain all the necessary components for proper delivery and control of the fuel/air ratios specific to each burner.

Eclipse package burners (RatioMatic, Thermair, RatioAir) offer configurations which can supply combustion air via an integral blower, as well as pre-fabricated fuel trains and measurement devices. These burners are also a prime option for specialty applications which require restriction or monitoring of NOx levels.

Furnace Style Burners

Direct-fired furnace style burners for lower to medium heat applications are essential for many industries and equipment. Eclipse offers high efficiency burners for direct firing furnaces (Thermjet, Furnnox) as well as specialized applications that require reduction or monitoring of emissions levels such as NOx.

Blowers and Mixers

Combustion air delivery blowers (SMJ) can be integrated with packaged burner systems, or stand alone to provide combustion air for existing burners. Eclipse also manufactures proportional mixers and burner nozzles (LP, Variset, Sticktite, Ferrofix) for optimized fuel-air ratios in custom built equipment.

Tube Firing Burners

Radiant tube or indirect-fired style burners are primarily used in applications where the heat is necessary, but the heated air may not be. Eclipse radiant tube burners (TFB, Immersojet) are manufactured for heat distribution in fluids including air, water, and atmospheric gases, and also offer recuperator options to optimize efficiency.

Control and Measurement Equipment

Eclipse’s fuel control and measurement products are designed for precise control over a combustion system’s fuel and air supply. With butterfly valves for manual or actuated control, all burners can be guaranteed to produce reliable, application-specific results. Eclipse also manufactures orifice plates, which allow for manual readings for process diagnostics.

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