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Experience the Difference

Of a Custom-Engineered Solution

You can trust Thermal Solutions’ experienced team to get to know your process, effectively diagnose the true root of the problem, and prescribe a custom engineered system to get your combustion system functioning optimally.

Thermal Solutions has created custom-engineered solutions for customers across many industries and within many different applications, including minerals and aggregate drying and processing, metals processing, process air heating, thermal oxidation, food preparation, and many more.

Our Capabilities

Experience in Various Industry Applications

Fuel Trains

Burner Management Systems

Combustion Design Engineering

Complete Combustion Systems

Custom Burners, Pilots & Assemblies

Air Heaters

Rotary Minerals Dryer Systems

Combustion Training

Maximize Production Efficiency

Maybe a burner isn’t firing at its optimal temperature, so your production process is taking too long. Perhaps you’re running into too much product waste. In other instances, inefficient processing can cause early wear and tear on your equipment. Whatever the case may be, Thermal Solutions can help you get more product, efficiently.

Lower Emissions

Emissions safety is of utmost importance. Failing an emissions audit can result in very costly interruptions in production. Let Thermal Solutions help guarantee your combustion process operates in adherence to emissions laws. Our team has more than 30 years of experience and the technical background to ensure complete combustion, lower NOx and CO byproducts, and more.

Ensure Process Safety

Industrial combustion systems require heavy equipment operating at temperatures upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. We can help your company reduce its risk of combustion-related accidents by ensuring that your equipment is operating as designed and training your operating and maintenance staff to safely and appropriately care for your equipment. We know the safety of your employees is your top priority, and we share that concern.

Improve Equipment Reliability

Industrial combustion equipment can react differently in every environment. Thermal Solutions’ team of engineers will gladly help provide equipment and products that can operate reliably at any location. If your system is malfunctioning, displaying errors, or causing premature equipment wear, allow us to take a look. A new custom-engineered combustion system can save you money in the short and long term.

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