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Since 1888 Hauck has manufactured the most reliable industrial burners for global combustion applications including solutions for the asphalt, glass, brick, metal, and drying industries. Hauck is the industry leader for asphalt & aggregate drying.

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StarJet Burner (SJ)

The Hauck StarJet burner is designed to provide efficient and complete combustion in short length flames through recirculating hot gases at the point of firing. Adjustable flame length can be an ideal solution for ensuring effective heating in any size drum. The StarJet does not require a refractory ignition tile or combustion chamber, reducing the need for refractory inside the drum itself. The burner can be operated on a wide range of fuels and possesses impressive turndown for lower production rates.

Turbo Blowers (TBA)

The Hauck Turbo Blower is engineered for low pressure air supply for direct combustion or any other application. The Hauck direct drive Turbo Blower is available in six pressure ranges from 12-36osig & 63 different sizes ranging from 240 to 13,000SCFM for providing large or small volumes of air at constant pressures. If your system requires more flame shaping adjustability or recuperation, larger TBA units provide increased capacity.

Super Versatile Gas Burner (SVG)

Super Versatile Gas Burners (SVG) specialize in combustion gas recirculation, improved efficiency, holding constant temperature, and decreasing emissions. Medium and high velocity tile options are available in a variety of construction materials and configurations, ensuring that an SVG can be used for your application, while standard and high temperature models allow even more customization. SVG burners reliably fire any standard clean industrial fuel gas.

Gas Beta Burner (BBG)

Hauck’s Gas Beta Burner (BBG) is designed for long lasting dependability in constant operation applications. Rotary dryers, air heaters, incinerators, oxidizers, and thermal fluid heaters are fantastic applications for the Gas Beta Burner. The BBG operates in applications with negative pressure chambers, producing high BTU ranges from 3.1 million to more than 123 million Btu/hr (820 to 32,520 kW).

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