Kromschroder products for industrial combustion processes are available to provide the most efficient production and safety for the money in the industry. Robust design and modular construction ensure product dependability and application fit. The wide range of Kromschroder combustion products are easily serviced and replaced while seamlessly integrating from BMS components to mechanical train valves, regulators, burners, and more.

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The Kromschroder BIO gas burner is intended for use on industrial furnaces & firing systems in the metals, ceramics, and textile industries. BIO burners can be customized with a heat-resistant steel attachment tube for lower temperature applications. For high temperature applications, there are options for a refractory quarl. No matter the desired shape of flame, the BIO burner can be equipped for use.


The Kromschroder ZMI can be used as an integrated burner lighting pilot or controlled independently for safe and consistent lighting. Low flow and pressure requirements make this pilot burner suitable for natural gas or town/coke gas combustion. Electronic ignition is built in and can be fitted with a dual spark plug ionization electrode.

Burner Control Unit (BCU)

The Kromschroder BCU can be used for monitoring and controlling modulating individual burners with a wide range of functionality. The BCU can light burners or pilots intermittently or control them continuously based on the application need. The BCU is capable of performing safety functions and start-up safety limit strings. It also has an optional valve proving system to ensure that all safety shut off valves are properly sealing. The BCU has programmable parameters allowing for customizable sequencing of events in a combustion process.

IC40 Actuator

The Kromschroder safety shut off valves for gas are used for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners in accordance with NFPA 86 regulations. The modular and compact design of the VAS provides ease of installation and removal. VAS valves can be integrated with visual indicators, proof of closure, high and low gas pressure switches, and can be piped into gas lines as double valve units or individually.

VAS Gas Safety Shutoff Solenoid Valve

Actuator IC 40 is a 0-90 degree control motor designed for any application. It can be mounted directly onto the modular Kromchroder BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH, BVHS or linear flow control VFC butterfly valves in order to control the gas and air flow rates on supply lines to burners. The IC 40 Actuator is also available as a stand-alone product.

DG Pressure Switch

The Kromschroder DG pressure switch is made for high quality and dependable safe operation. The DG features a hand wheel for intuitive adjustment, a reliable diaphragm, a 110V control light, and NPT connection for stand alone applications or integration with VAS Valve, switch assemblies.

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