From their iconic valves to robust burners, Maxon combustion equipment has reliably served a wide range of markets for more than 100 years. Backed by an extensive team with a wealth of knowledge of the entire combustion industry, Maxon has earned a reputation for reliability, value, durability, and performance.

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Safety Shut Off Valves

Maxon’s robust safety shut off valves are manufactured for delivery of combustion fuels and atmospheric gases, and carry certifications for specialized fields such as CSA, Class I, SIL and others.  These valves are found in a varied range of applications including OEM equipment, heavy industrial sites, or general use in both electro-mechanical and pneumatic styles.

Ovenpak Burners

Maxon Ovenpak burners are manufactured with optimal fuel-gas ratios in mind to maximize efficiency in combustion. These burners are commonly found in applications that require the user to be conscious of fuel efficiency.  Ovenpak burners are also offered in a “Low emissions” version which can be certified to apply in lower NOx environments.

Kinedizer Burners

The rugged Kinedizer burner has many high temperature applications and is designed specifically with the user’s fuel efficiency and emissions standards in mind. Often the burner of choice for applications that involve oxidization, waste incineration, process air heating, and more, these burners can offer high turndown options as well as written guarantees on emissions to comply with low NOx requirements.

DS Actuators

Combustion air delivery blowers (SMJ) can be integrated with packaged burner systems, or stand alone to provide combustion air for existing burners. Eclipse also manufactures proportional mixers and burner nozzles (LP, Variset, Sticktite, Ferrofix) for optimized fuel-air ratios in custom built equipment.

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