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Pietro Fiorentini offers a gas service regulator for virtually any type of combustion system, at any capacity. PF’s top of the line engineering advancements have proven to be invaluable in safety and production, insuring the protection of downstream safety devices, as well as reliable performance.

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Norval Gas regulators are comprised of robust cast ductile iron or steel bodies and balanced valve design, making them ideally suitable for large capacity, several million BTU/hr combustion systems. This design can withstand supply surges with virtually no interruption in outlet pressure. The Norval Regulator is also available additional overpressure protection devices.


Cirval Gas regulators are available in two diaphragm sizes, 12” and 8” to serve medium to large capacity range combustion systems, approximately 2,000 – 30,000 ft3/hr. The balanced valve design allows for smooth gas regulation with no need for interchangeable orifices. The Cirval Regulator is also available with modular overpressure protection devices.


The complete line of Pietro Fiorentini Governor regulators is expansive, for installations on ½” pilot systems up to 4” Flanged medium capacity combustion systems. The Governor has significant advantages and modularity for overpressure protection and vent limited options.

Overpressure Protection

Pietro Fiorentini regulators offer industry leading Overpressure Protection technology. Pressure surges often cause damage to safety components downstream or halts in production. Over pressure protection is available in multiple forms, from Slam Shut Devices capable of immediate service interruption for ultimate safety, to Monitoring devices, both redundant and factory set; these monitors allow continued production even in the event of a rupture.

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