Siemens Combustion Controls offers products for every step of designing a combustion system. With safety shut off valves and pressure switches, manual and actuated flow control devices, flame monitoring equipment, and flame safety control modules, Siemens products are a great fit for virtually any combustion application.

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Safety Shut Off Valves

Siemens gas safety shut off valves offer a unique approach to safety and control of gas supply for burners. The valves come with single and double valve body options, and with their range of actuator options, Siemens shut off valves can also double as a gas train’s gas pressure regulator or an air/fuel ratio control device, allowing for simplicity of design, control, and spares.

LME Flame Safety

The Siemens LME series flame safeguards are cost effective and robust control devices which allow for simplicity in setup of initial parameters as well as routine troubleshooting. The LME can be used for all applications with programmable purge time, safety timers, and compatibility with all types of flame monitoring devices.

Control Motors

The Siemens SQM4 and SQM5 control motors are ideal for both air and fuel modulation. With 6 internal switches, SQM actuators allow the user to easily set control parameters such as low fire, purge, and auxiliary outputs in the field while being able to make manual adjustments in real time. The Siemens SQM motors have a high rotational resolution for precise control. Siemens control motors are sold separately as well as available in a valve-actuator assembly.

Manual Valves

Siemens manufactures a variety of manual and actuated control valves in a range of sizes for virtually all air/fuel control applications. With NPT threaded butterfly valves as well as ANSI flanged or wafer-style butterfly valves, Siemens valves range in size from ¼” up to 8”, and can be optionally assembled with a manual handle.

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