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Twin City Fan & Blower manufactures high quality fans and blowers for any application including providing combustion air to a burner, moving process air, or drawing exhaust air. OEMs can find a custom Twin City Blower to fit their product lines, in addition to a wide range of standard fan for heavy or light duty processes.

Twin City Fan products offer several variables of customization allowing you to specify direction, arrangement, flow and pressure. Below are featured TCF products specified further for ensured application fit.

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The BCS Backward Curved High Volume/Pressure Fan offers a spark resistant design for safe handling of flammable products or gases, perfect for moving process air or premixed combustion air. Constructed with high quality non-ferrous material, the BCS can handle high temperature and corrosive applications. It is designed for handling relatively clean air in high pressure applications. Typical BCS uses are combustion air, baghouse suction, product drying, and fluid bed dryers. BCS options are capable of handling air from 250°F – 800°F (121°C – 426C°)


The BCV is a belt driven, backward inclined designed fan perfectly suited for exhaust or other light industrial processes at low to medium pressures with high flows. Twin City Fan offers several variables of customization on the BCV to meet AMCA, Class 1, Class 2, and NEMA 4 requirements. This light duty fan is a great fit for several applications.


The BCPL Plug Fan is a very versatile blower that can be implemented in a wide range of industrial combustion processes. Its unique airfoil design wheel and compact housing design allow for efficient air circulation in air heaters, kilns, dryers, ceiling, wall and floor panel plenums, evaporators, ovens, and other high temperature applications up to 1000°F (538°C).


The TBNA Turbo Pressure Blowers are specialized for stable operation with clean air up to 200°F (93°C) across its range for high pressure, low volume applications. The TBNA’s aluminum radial handling wheel is easily removed and available in wide or narrow configurations for an efficient application fit.


The TPD Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower is a direct drive fan perfect for ventilating, cooling or exhaust air applications. Its cast aluminum housing body and wheels are available in a range of sizes to meet various application requirements. The TPD is properly suited for high pressure low volume processes, and its performance can be easily adjusted with interchangeable aluminum wheels.


High Efficiency Industrial Backward Curved Fans, or Model HIB feature a backwardly curved fan wheel designed for impressive efficiency. The HIB is designed for clean air or air with slight dust composition, perfect for use in baghouses. It is also useful for forced draft and other high efficiency process air functions that require high pressure.

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