Combustion Training

Afford Your Team More Self-Sufficiency

Combustion Training is one of the most important services Thermal Solutions provides our customers. We’ve staked our claim as the Combustion Experts for more than 30 years, and we are more than happy to share our knowledge. Many of our customers rely on us heavily for start-up, tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting, and we’re more than happy to act as an extension of your team and take care of these things for you. However, if you believe your staff can benefit from some combustion training, allowing more self-sufficiency, Thermal Solutions has options for you.

Operators, maintenance staff, and even management on site can greatly benefit from combustion training. Combustion equipment can be dangerous if improperly used, so we’ll teach your staff how to ensure their safety during startup, shutdowns, and productions. We can teach your team how to get the most out of their combustion equipment to achieve the efficient production and lower emissions our custom systems can deliver.

Thermal Solutions Trainers are happy to travel to your site to conduct combustion training specific to your processes and equipment.

Types of Training

Training Classes

Thermal Solutions over the years has conducted several classes custom prepared for our customers. This offering is often part of the original scope of the project, but we’d also love the chance to begin a relationship through training. Thermal Solutions believes we should empower our customers’ staff to operate combustion equipment confidently. Gather your entire production team for a combustion training class on how to operate their equipment for their process. We’ll teach them how components work, safety requirements, as well as tricks of the trade to achieve ultimate familiarity with combustion.

Training Skids and Assemblies

Need a more hands-on approach to training? Thermal Solutions has built several training skids and assemblies over the years whose sole purpose is to replicate combustion systems in service. They’ll include all the safety components as well as your exact burner in a compact assembly. We’ll use it as an aid to train your staff how to operate their system. Training skids and assemblies are very useful for providing visual feedback for how certain changes can affect the flame. Learn how safety components shut off your systems due to pressure spikes and loss of flow. All burner management electrical components can be included to provide practice with operator interface.

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