The Art and Science of Burner Selection

The Optimal Burner for Any Application

The Thermal Solutions team is skilled at prescribing the optimal burner for any application—even those with highly specific requirements. In some instances, a customer may have an imperative temperature or BTU rating; in others, all they need is heat or a flame with few scientific specifications. Sometimes the spatial dimensions of an industrial manufacturing setting exclude the possibility of an out-of-the box solution.

Rely on Thermal Solutions for all of your custom burner, pilot, and assembly needs.

Custom Burners

Custom Burners designed and fabricated by Thermal Solutions can ultimately be what an application requires. Custom Burners can allow for the burning of any fuel including some unique materials like coal ash and peanut shells. Custom burners can be designed to be for single uses or prolonged life.

Custom Pilots

Custom Pilots can accompany a custom burner or be designed to operate your current burner. Pilots are used to ignite a flame for a larger burner and initiate combustion. Sometimes pilots require custom functionality or size. Thermal Solutions has experience in constructing pilot assemblies to ensure safety or fabricating pilots from scratch.

Custom Assemblies

Custom assemblies allow for the safe and secure mounting and spatial arrangement of this different equipment and components. Examples of custom assemblies are linkages for actuators to valves, mounting brackets, racks for fuel trains, piping sections, and many more. Custom Assembly engineering starts with a problem: we engineer a solution.

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