Complete Combustion Systems

Tailored to Your Processes

Thermal Solutions specializes in engineering and producing complete combustion systems. These standalone systems provide a “plug and play” experience for our customers. They have a wide variety of uses tailored to our customers’ applications.

Combustion systems are an integral part of the production process. They can be used to warm product to a critical temperature while heavier machinery is prepared for production. Customers looking for a complete combustion system can be manufacturing facilities with integral stages to their process, or an OEM that can sell a combustion system tailored for use with their product. Complete combustion systems include the perfectly sized burner for your application, fuel inlet connection, and all the safeties in between. Push the start button and instantly enjoy increased efficiency.

Combustion Systems of All Sizes

From small portable combustion systems, to thermal oxidizers, to large multi-burner applications, Thermal Solutions has experience providing a complete solution. A low BTU pilot system? We can build it. A comprehensive vertical calciner upgrade including burner management system panels, fuel trains and burner assemblies? We can build that too.

Typical Applications

For Complete Combustion Systems


Many materials and processing machines are sensitive to large temperature swings. Pouring a batch of molten metal into a cold ladle or filter can cause a multitude of problems. Improper filtering, ruined product or damaged equipment can be the result of initiating an aggressive heating process before it is ready. Thermal Solutions has manufactured several complete combustion systems designed to preheat material, equipment, and process air to ensure the production process goes off without a hitch.


At an industrial facility, often aggregate, liquid, metal and any other product is required to be transported to different locations. Large quantities of product can either be in waiting or transit and require a custom warming solution. Thermal Solutions has experience manufacturing compact, maneuverable, amiable complete combustion systems to make sure producsts stays above the critical temperature at all times.

Refractory Curing

Refractory is used in nearly every piece of heavy equipment in combustion processes. It lines the walls of rotary dryers, protects burner nozzles in air heaters, and more. After installing wet refractory, it must be cured to an optimal temperature to insure its insulating properties and production can resume. Complete combustion systems customized to curing refractory are perfectly designed to manage moisture as well as even curing. They are perfect for refractory installers to finish their process as well as industrial manufacturers during periods of shut-down maintenance. Proper care for refractory is vital to the health of expensive combustion equipment.

And more…

Many facilities are currently using combustion systems throughout their processes that are either unsafe or inefficient in their application. Throw any set of project requirements at Thermal Solutions, we love the challenge. Portability, retractability, fail-safes, specialized burner management, multi-burner systems, manual tuning, employee training, or anything you can think of!

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