Custom Engineered Fuel Trains

For all Fuel Type Applications

Natural Gas, Propane, Oxygen, Air, Methane, and More

Fuel trains or fuel manifolds are piping assemblies that provide a consistent and safe fuel supply to a burner. On site, fuel inlet supply dictates available pressure, and the perfectly specified burner prescribes the required mass flow of the fuel.

Using this information and 30 years of manufacturing experience, Thermal Solutions designs and assembles fuel trains to fit the needs of your combustion process. All Thermal Solutions fuel trains are manufactured in Greenville, SC and adhere strictly to all NFPA safety guidelines.

Fuel trains can be made from welded or threaded pipe, painted carbon steel or stainless steel to match the requirements of your location. Trains can be designed to sustain operation in any environment, from indoors in extremely high temperatures, outdoor below freezing temperatures, corrosive environments, and other project scope considerations.

Thermal Solutions has experience manufacturing fuel trains that are Class 1, Division 2 Explosion Proof, UL certified, CSA certified and many more requirements.

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