Burner Management Systems

For Any Industrial Combustion Process

Burner management systems make it easier for your team — plant operators, quality control, engineers, maintenance staff, and more — to oversee your combustion process by acting as a central hub for you to monitor safe interaction of all mechanical components at several electrical locations. The ease-of-use they create makes burner management systems a vital component in all industrial combustion processes.

A properly-implemented burner management system helps guarantee efficient production by ensuring that all burners and their associated equipment are providing necessary fuel and air pressure and flow. A burner management system also includes safeties that will disallow changes to an operation that may harm the product, the equipment, or any operating staff nearby.

Thermal Solutions’ burner management systems strictly adhere to all NFPA 86 safety codes. They are designed to ensure the safe operation of equipment. Thermal Solutions also includes several types of combustion-specific burner management system components, tailoring the system to fit the needs of any industrial combustion process:

A custom programmed HMI screen can be very useful for analyzing real-time data, pilot lights and buttons can be wired to act accordingly to what your operators will expect. 

The burner management system can be designed so that operators only have to push one button to start a burner, or it can include several manual interlocks for redundant ensured safety.

Thermal Solutions can complete burner management system electrical schematic drawings in house. The customer is encouraged to be involved in the engineering process, or it can be left completely to our engineering team.

We offer burner management system training for your operating and maintenance staff, as well as the expertise to service your Burner Management System.

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