Combustion Design Engineering

To Guide the Creation of Your Combustion System

Whether you just need an engineering drawing as a standalone deliverable, or are interested in having it as part of your fully custom-designed solution, Thermal Solutions can provide both 2D and 3D drawings that will dramatically change the way your combustion system functions. Learn more about the types of engineering drawings Thermal Solutions can provide.

3D Modelling

With the launch of every custom engineered combustion project our team of experienced design engineers begin crafting a 3-dimensional model. This model guides every decision of the production of our engineered solution offerings. Fuel trains, custom assemblies, support racks and brackets, air heaters, complete combustion systems, and even entire plant plan views are drawn with precision using Solidworks 3D modelling software.

2D Mechanical Drawings

These Solidworks drawings detail every critical dimension and component included in the design and functionality of the combustion system. Our drawings undergo an extensive internal and customer approval process to ensure our plans will operate as planned. A complete 2-dimensional drawing package is included with the delivery of the engineered solution, an invaluable tool for on-site operation and maintenance staff to understand the performance of their combustion process.

P&IDs Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

Large scale combustion processes require the use of thousands of individual components operating simultaneously. Understanding the balance and orchestration of these systems is essential to efficient production. A bird’s eye view of the entire plant takes the form of a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram, or P&ID. This visual representation clearly depicts the sequence of events and spatial location of the equipment in operation.

Electrical Schematics

Electrical Schematics provide a roadmap to the connection of nearly every component of the production process. Thermal Solutions specializes in combustion electrical schematics ensuring the proper operation of any industrial heating application. These 2-dimensional schematics are produced using AutoCad Electrical software and should be present on-site with every electrical panel; an absolute necessity for the control of normal operation as well as troubleshooting and maintenance.

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